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Updated: Jan 16

Dante: When you fly a drone you need to be careful. You need to know how to move around with the drone, turn it on/off, move it up and down, and land it.

Xavion: Make sure you have a clear space for flying. For example, don't fly it in the house because you may accidentally break something.

Jennifer: I enjoyed my first time flying the drone. First, download the app, and connect to WiFi. Then to take off slide the button. Next, use the control panel arrows to switch directions. Once in the air you can take pictures and save them to a phone. Finally, click the landing button. It gives you an exciting feeling.

Anthony: Some students relaxed by the trees, sat on the benches thinking about the program, and when the bus would arrive. We felt good about relaxing with friends. I also met some new friends and teachers. I know some of the teachers from elementary school.

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