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Thank You Sis: Karen Jones of the Chocolate Chips Association

Everyone can have a business, but only a select few have a purpose.

Thank You, Sis: Karen Jones of the Chocolate Chips Association

Late last year, Karen Jones, one of our clients transitioned into heaven. As an entrepreneur, I have no shortage of competition. However, every so rarely, do I come across a comrade-in-arms. Karen Jones, I thank you for partnering with STEAMed Drones. It was our pleasure to expose your girls to endless possibilities for their future. I cannot tell you how much I will miss speaking to someone who "just gets it." As I prepare to continue to advocate for minority inclusion in STEM/STEAM, I wanted to take this moment to honor your legacy with the Chocolate Chip Association.

Girls Rock!

Girls Rock!

P.s. We were honored to be included.


Stevenson Demorcy

STEAMed Drones

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