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STEAMed Drones' Career Day

We focus on motivating Gen-Z and future generations to pursue degrees and attain technical skills utilizing: Encouragement, Engagement, and Effort

Career Day Overview

Time: 20 minutes | Location: Podcast, Zoom

Cost: Free 

Presentation :​​

  • STEAMed Drones founder's anecdote on why S.T.E.A.M. is critical for the job market. 

  • Current Drone Industry: Jobs, Careers, and Contractual Gigs.

  • STEAMed Drones Pipeline: Lesson Plans

Hear from our founder at American Public University:


Our founder's educational experience is a personal testimony to this STEAM education platform's success for today's learners. We at STEAMed drones remove our personal opinions on what adolescents can accomplish. We provide all students with the same learning material and allow them the developmental freedom to find their niche in our social-cognitive Drone network.