STEAMed Drones Pipeline  

Initial Meeting

We meet to discuss drone and program features. There will be an online or in-person demonstration of content.

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We present to interested teachers to establish the importance of cross-curricular integration. We support educators every step of the way.

Professional Development

We pay and train educators to become single-member LLCs. We do this to promote leadership and financial literacy.

Phase7 Co-Teaching.png
Phase8 Good Form.png

 Post Professional Development 

Teachers are now ready to conquer drone education. We have weekly ongoing learning resources both online and in person.

Co-Teaching Support

You are an expert, and so are we. We collaborate to ensure standards are above satisfactory.

We Cut Down Overhead Cost

Through maintenance, we keep drone products in good form. Insurance, Liability, and the F.A.A. are a big deal; let us help you navigate the field.