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"Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead…"

About The Founder 

STEAMed Drones founder, Stevenson Demorcy, holds a Degree in Mathematics and a Certification in Education with experience teaching every grade from kindergarten to High School seniors.






High School: Taught English in Japan, Mentored incoming Freshmen, Tutored K-6th graders. 

College: Black Student Union, Haitian Student Association, Alpha Phi Omega, ResNet (iT repair), Teachers Assistant, Kumon Learning Center, several other involvements, and Taught K-8th graders.

Career: Chair of Math Department, Founding Teacher at Charter School, Robotics Captain- FRC & FLL(Lego), Developed Curriculums, NSBE Liaison (National Society of Black Engineers), Ten80 Education Liaison, District STEAM Coordinator, Liaison for NJIT, Drone Builder Program Developer- Middle School, Drone Camp Leader- Middle School, Drone Elective Curriculum Developer- High School, and Taught 6th-12th graders.

About The Company

Our principal objective in developing this unique STEAM-based program is to engender a sense of wonder and respect for science and its endless innovations. Our programs provide: Environments that foster creativity, Content material that engages critical thinking, and Activities that encourage your students' social-cognitive skills and help build teamwork.


STEAMed Drones is profoundly grateful for the encouragement and support of our intern and former student Jordan Tucker, and our SCORE Los Angeles Mentors:

Christian Koziol- Operations & Business Plan

Emily Tufeld- Marketing & Public Relations

Tim Donahue- Strategic Planning & Marketing

Peter O'Neill- StartUp Assistance & Development


STEAMed Drones aims to streamline the educational pipeline that enables students to reach their highest potential.  

We fit into the following classrooms: Science, Technology/Maker-Space, Engineering labs, Art lab for video recording and editing, Mathematics: Algebra and Geometry. What we offer is new to the market; we are easily customizable for After School and Elective. We include Teacher Lesson Plans and Objectives for the classroom —our professional development targets cross-curricular integration: 

ESL & ELL (English Secondary Language Learner): Procedural Mathematics

Special Education: Creative problem solving

General Education: Project management

Advanced Placement & Honors: Research


STEAMed Drones cultivates a learning environment where every student feels safe to pursue technical degrees. STEAMed Drones' vision and hope are to encourage the next generation of learners to Stop Putting Limits on Themselves & Reach!

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