We Pride Ourselves on Encouragement, Engagement and Effort

"Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead…"

About The Founder 

STEAMed Drones founder, Stevenson Demorcy, holds a Degree in Mathematics and a Certification in Education with experience teaching every grade from kindergarten to High School seniors.






High School: Taught English in Japan, Mentored incoming Freshmen, Tutored K-6th graders. 

College: Black Student Union, Haitian Student Association, Alpha Phi Omega, ResNet (iT repair), Teachers Assistant, Kuman Learning Center, several other involvements, and Taught K-8th graders.

Career: Chair of Math Department, Founding Teacher at Charter School, Robotics Captain- FRC & FLL(Lego), Developed Curriculums, NSBE Liaison (National Society of Black Engineers), Ten80 Education Liaison, District STEAM Coordinator, Liaison for NJIT, Drone Builder Program Developer- Middle School, Drone Camp Leader- Middle School, Drone Elective Curriculum Developer- High School, and Taught 6th-12th graders.

About The Company

Our principal objective in developing this unique STEAM-based program is to engender a sense of wonder and respect for science and its endless innovations. Our programs provide: Environments that foster creativity, Content material that engages critical thinking, and Activities that encourage your students' social-cognitive skills and help build teamwork.


STEAMed Drones is profoundly grateful for the encouragement and support of our intern and former student Jordan Tucker, and our SCORE Los Angeles Mentors:

Christian Koziol- Operations & Business Plan

Emily Tufeld- Marketing & Public Relations

Tim Donahue- Strategic Planning & Marketing

Peter O'Neill- StartUp Assistance & Development


STEAMed Drones aims to streamline the educational pipeline that enables students to reach their highest potential.  

We fit into the following classrooms: Science, Technology/Maker-Space, Engineering labs, Art lab for video recording and editing, Mathematics: Algebra and Geometry. What we offer is new to the market; we are easily customizable for After School and Elective. We include Teacher Lesson Plans and Objectives for the classroom —our professional development targets cross-curricular integration: 

ESL & ELL (English Secondary Language Learner): Procedural Mathematics

Special Education: Creative problem solving

General Education: Project management

Advanced Placement & Honors: Research


STEAMed Drones cultivates a learning environment where every student feels safe to pursue technical degrees. STEAMed Drones' vision and hope are to encourage the next generation of learners to Stop Putting Limits on Themselves & Reach!

Our founder's educational experience is a personal testimony to this STEAM education platform's success for today's learners. We at STEAMed drones remove our personal opinions on what adolescents can accomplish. We provide all students with the same learning material and allow them the developmental freedom to find their niche in our social-cognitive Drone network.