Who We Are

Our founder's educational experience is a personal testimony to this STEAM education platform's success for today's learners. We at STEAMed drones remove our personal opinions on what adolescents can accomplish. We provide all students with the same learning material and allow them the developmental freedom to find their niche in our social-cognitive Drone network.

STEAMed Drones Founder Stevenson Demorcy believes high expectations trump all personal obstacles. He is an Immigrant-American who utilized the STEAM pipeline to transition from ELL/ESL to Special Education, General education to Honors & Advanced Placement, and later achieved his degree in Mathematics with a CEAS certification in teaching.

Our Mission

We are easily customizable for core classes, after-school programs, electives, and summer camps. We include Teacher Lesson Plans and Objectives — our professional development targets cross-curricular integration.

  • ESL & ELL (English Secondary Language Learner)

  • Special Education

  • General Education

  • Advanced Placement & Honors

STEAMed Drones will launch with an ongoing learning pipeline to aid educators in developing drone lesson plans. Our principal objective in developing this unique STEAM-based program is to engender a sense of wonder and respect for science and its endless innovations. Our programs provide environments that foster creativity, content material that engages critical thinking, and activities that encourage students' social-cognitive development through teamwork.

Core Values

The U.S. has fallen behind in drone technology. Fostering more interest among students could better position our future in the arena. The Wright brothers - Orville and Wilbur, invented, built, and flew the first successful airplane.


Women are

  • underutilized in drone and flight science 

  • LESS THAN 5% of drone pilots.

Katherine Johnson was essential in landing man into orbit. We must inspire young ladies to join the aeronautics field.  


It is an excellent time to recruit students and foster interest in drone flight technology。
Full STEAM Ahead!

The Wright Connect