Welcome to STEAMed Drones, an exciting program that uses flying drones with cameras to teach Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

  • Ready-to-teach curriculum

  • Inclusive lesson plans, materials, and drones.

  • Highly successful, engaging, and fun!

  • Teacher support included

  • Assessment and testing included

  • Social cognitive development

  • Inform long-term curiosity

  • Several affordable options

How it works:

Schools receive flying drones, ready-to-teach lesson plans, and support to begin teaching drone skills and technology concepts to students. STEAMed Drones is a fully automated turnkey pipeline. 

September to November

Schedule of Events:

2021- 2022 Roll Out

Why Join Us:

The U.S. has fallen behind in drone technology. Fostering more interest among students could better position our future in the arena: The Wright brothers - Orville and Wilbur invented, built, and flew the first successful airplane.


Women are underutilized resources within drone and flight science, making up LESS THAN 5% of certified, licensed drone pilots: Katherine Johnson was essential in landing man into orbit.

It is an excellent time to recruit students and foster interest in drone flight technology: Full S.T.E.A.M. ahead ... ​


  • Exploring landscape, habitats & agriculture in the school community and home

  • Discovering the possibility of flight & wind speed

  • Assessing lands after natural disasters & storms

  • Real-World Connection 



  • Programming through coding

  • Gyroscope interface learning 

  • Manual flying interface 

  • Integration of iPads, cell phones & drones 

  • Troubleshooting common drone malfunctions 



  • Data collection & analysis 

  • Problem-based learning 

  • Mapping & tracking engineering notebook with workbook



  • Aerial photographs

  • Video image series

  • Concept & Story development

  • Research projects



  • Algebra: Distance, Linear movement, Graphing

  • Geometry Transformations: Translation, Rotation  

  • Real-World Problem based challenges

Benefits of Our Drones:

The best thing about our drones is their programmable functions. Drones are beneficial in education because they offer students the chance to learn new technology and snap cool shots from the sky. The addition of coding to drone piloting is encouraging and exciting for STEAM learners. It, of course, allows teachers to add an essential element to teaching a captivating lesson. 

Getting started with programming our drones is pretty easy with our hands-on professional development. Students can connect their drones via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. With our app, programming options include adding up to six maneuvers for the drone. Students can create programs that include taking off, flying forward or backward, rotating, and landing. These introductory programs allow the drone to move up to 100 centimeters with each element of the program. Creating the code is as simple as tapping each desired element and bringing them together!

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