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STEAMed Drones is an exciting program that uses flying drones with cameras to teach Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

Ready-to-teach curriculum

Inclusive lesson plans, materials, and drones

Assessment and testing included

Teacher support guaranteed

What We Offer

STEAMed Drones cultivates a learning environment where every student feels safe to pursue technical degrees. We encourage the next generation of learners to Stop Putting Limits on Themselves and Reach! 

Why Choose STEAMed Drones

Highly successful, engaging, and fun!

The best thing about our drone program is the benefit of fusing educational topics that allow students to learn new technology while snapping incredible shots from the sky. A complete turnkey educational pipeline package - with all teaching plans, training, and material included. 

Inform long-term curiosity

The addition of coding to drone piloting is encouraging and exciting for STEAM learners. It, of course, allows teachers to add an essential element to teaching a captivating lesson.

Social cognitive development 

Adolescents must acquire "a deep belief in their dignity, worth and own somebodiness (Martin Luther King)." In doing so, young people achieve their highest self.

Several affordable options

Schools receive flying drones, ready-to-teach lesson plans, and support teaching students drone skills and technology concepts. STEAMed Drones is a fully automated turnkey pipeline.

We Have Top-Notch
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"STEAMed Drones tries to incorporate everything, or it helps the participants look at things from a different vantage point."
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Dr. Kandis Wyatt

Professor, STE(A)M advocate

""These lesson plans are exactly how I would think about approaching teaching drones. Everything is organized step by step and easy to follow."
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Stuart Naismith

Teacher,  Host at STEM with Mr. N

"A great drone program to help educate a generation who desperately need more quality STEAM education programs like this."
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Jordan Tucker

Engineering Student

Drone Career Possibilities Are Endless

Our Past Experience 

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Why choose STEAMed Drones?

STEAMed Drones Founder Stevenson Demorcy believes high expectations trump all personal obstacles. We know this to be true for our founder. He is an Immigrant-American who utilized the STEAM pipeline to transition from ELL/ESL to Special Education, General education to Honors/Advanced Placement, and later achieved his degree in Mathematics with a CEAS certification in teaching.

How does STEAMed Drones work?

We provide learning material to allow schools the developmental freedom to find their niche:

  1. We meet to discuss drone and program features.
  2. We support educators every step of the way.
  3. We collaborate to ensure standards are above satisfactory.
  4. Through maintenance, we keep drone products in good form.

I do not understand the entrepreneur aspect?

Yes! We understand the concern, but it's simple. STEAMed Drones wants all students to think about the future of the drone industry. The only way to do that successfully is to provide educators with knowledge of LLC's so they can better guide our future workforce:

  1. Designing print materials
  2. Social media management
  3. Website building

How does this program work inside the classroom?

STEAMed Drones utilizes various pedagogical methods to enhance the educational experience. We specialize in small group collaboration. For example, if a class of 20 students, we create four groups of five students. While one group is flying the drones, the others are in coding stations, research clusters, and drone design.